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Inability to Urinate - eMedicineHealth
The inability to urinate (urinary retention) may occur in women and men. Urinary retention may be acute or chronic. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. Urinary ...

Urinary Retention (Inability to Urinate) Treatment - WebMD
WebMD explains emergency steps to take when you cannot urinate.

Inability to Urinate in Dogs | petMD
Urinary retention is the medical term given to incomplete emptying (or voiding) of urine that is not associated with obstruction of the urinary tract.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - Symptoms and causes ...
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) — also called prostate gland enlargement — is a common condition as men get older. An enlarged prostate gland can cause ...

ANA CAUTI Prevention Tool
Official website for the American Nurses Association, part of the ANA Enterprise, featuring nursing news, professional development and continuing education for nurses.

Paruresis - Wikipedia
Paruresis (/ ˌ p ɑːr ə ˈ r iː s ɪ s / PAR-ə-REE-sis) is a type of phobia in which the sufferer is unable to urinate in the real or imaginary presence of ...

Incontinence in Women: Personal Stories - WebMD
Profile: US Speed Skater Bonnie Blair: Pregnancy & Urinary Incontinence. Speed skater Bonnie Blair and her doctor, urogynecologist Dennis P. Miller, MD, discuss ...

Cat Urinary Tract Problems and Infections - WebMD
WebMD discusses cat bladder and urinary tract problems and infections including symptoms, causes, and treatments.

Dog Urinary Tract Infections and Problems - WebMD
There are many problems that can affect a dog’s lower urinary system. Incontinence, bladder stones or crystals in the urine, bacterial infections, cancer, trauma or ...

Urinary problems with cats, diagnosis, causes, cystitis ...
Urinary Problems with Cats. Many cat owners have experienced the frustration of the cat that can't urinate properly. These cats may be unable to urinate at all ...



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